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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Download Film 2012


2012 TS MD Xvid-LTRG
TS | English | XVID | 624 x 256 | MP3 @ 128 kbps | 1.38 GB
Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller
Directed by: Roland Emmerich
Starring: John Cusack, Chjwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt
Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. A global cataclysm brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors. Centuries ago, the Maya left us their calendar, with a clear end date and all that it implies. By 2012, we’ll know — we were warned.




nb : tinggal copas alamat diatas lalu download !!!
Rating: 5, Reviewer : Yufex E,


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